There are many ways to reach our beautiful Syros and Pino di Loto and you can choose the most convenient for you!

  • Flight to Mykonos and then Ferry to Syros. Ferry trip duration: 35’ – 1,5hours as per the available regular vessels or high-speed boats.
  • Flight to Athens and then Flight to Syros. Athens – Syros flight duration: 35’. You can find a suitable connection for the same day, otherwise you can check the day after.
  • Flight to Athens and then Ferry (from Piraeus port) to Syros. Piraeus – Syros ferry trip duration: 2-4hours as per the available regular vessels or high-speed boats. Depending on the season, there are 2-4 ferries available every day leaving Piraeus from 07.00 to 19.30.

Pino di Loto is built on the small hill of Lotos, at Kini Village.


It is about 300 meters away from the 2 beaches of the village. It will take you 5 minutes to walk down to the beaches and only 10 minutes to come back!

Kini beach (the view you are enjoying from your suites) is sandy and organized. Walking along the beach you will find small traditional tavernas and restaurants!

The picturesque Lotos beach is smaller, quieter and although it is not organized, you will enjoy a peaceful swim!

Delphine Beach… 40’ hiking route.

Cyclades, coming from the Greek word “KYKLOS” which means circle.

During your check-in at Pino di Loto, we will tell you: Welcome to Syros! The world’s most beautiful island!

Don’t be surprised. It’s the truth! It’s our truth, that we will do our best to make you part of it; because we really want you to believe it!

So, Syros, this magic place, belongs to the Cyclades. “Cyclades”, comes from the Greek word “KYKLOS” which means Circle. If you notice the map, you will see that these islands, at the center of the Aegean Sea, create a circle. This is happening because they all used to be different tops of a mountain ridge that collapsed when the Volcano of Santorini exploded.

  • The Capital of the island, Hermoupolis town, is a real jewel composed of traditional houses harmoniously blended with the breathtaking neoclassical buildings.
  • The port of Syros used to be one of the most important and powerful Greek ports.
  • Ano Syros, the old medieval castle of the island where the locals went to save themselves from the Pirates’ attacks, discreetly overlooks the town of Hermoupolis.
  • The villages around the island, are small and picturesque and you can explore them while hiking around or during long swimming sessions.
  • Traditional Cycladic sandy beaches, ready to be discovered. If you wish to walk a bit further you will find some really interesting hidden spots and you can also enjoy a boat excursion to the northern part of the island where the beaches are completely unspoiled.

children policy

Due to the special design, architecture and decoration, with the high walls and the rocks around the pool, Pino di Loto is designed only for adults. For safety reasons and for the comfort and well-being of all, we are focused to maintain a calm and quiet atmosphere! This is why we need to inform you that we are not able to host babies (0-2 years old) or children younger than 15 years old.


pet policy

At Pino di Loto we live together with our pets. Mortis and Tulla, Pino’s cats, will be always around enjoying the Greek sun!

Your pet (up to 8kgs) is welcomed free of charge; Kindly note that since we have specific Suites that can accommodate our pets, the pet stay requests are upon availability.

Contact us for further information or requests!

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