Sharing your most precious moments of the year with us at Pino Di Loto is an honor that we appreciate, always trying to excel your expectations and to add something new every year to the whole experience!

Pino di Loto has been a great spot for honeymooners from all around the world who choose us to enjoy privacy, calmness and relaxation in Syros!

Recently, we organized the first reception at our premises and from now on we are organizing private ceremonies for you and your beloved ones, overlooking the Aegean Sea during sunset!


We will assist you, providing an event solution (for a limited number of guests) with flowers, sounds, beverage and fine wines and after a cocktail to warm you up, you will continue at a restaurant by the beach or at the top of the hill, at your choise as per your pre-selected menu according to your gastronomic preferences!

Of course, we can also provide you the option for a Whole Property Rental, during that time.

Be A Pinodlioter during all your moments! + contact us Here!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information needed or for a Whole Property Rental Request.

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