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Wellness at Pino Di Loto

Your wellbeing during your holidays matters to us and under the majestic sun of the Cyclades, a team of highly qualified professionals and partners can join us at Pino Di Loto, as per your preference, so as to offer you several activities of relaxation, putting body, mind and soul in perfect equilibrium!

Among others, you can enjoy:

  • 5 different types of Massage treatment, while using essential oils or hot stones
  • Yoga and Pilates Session for all levels, in groups or privately
  • training while using our equipment
  • Aqua Fitness lessons in Pino’s main pool or relaxation in our secluded Jacuzzi
  • Manicure of Pedicure treatments

You can enjoy all of them in private sessions or with small groups, if Covid restrictions will eventually stop! Kindly make an arrangement with a 2days’ notice so that all is set up for you.

Wellness corner

Feel free to book exclusively our wellness corner for two hours.

Kindly note that the private session needs a prior reservation regarding availability against an extra charge of €200 for two people; with serving a bottle of champagne and the fruit plate we make your experience even more exciting and romantic.

Massage / Workout / Jacuzzi

To visit the Wellness corner, kindly ask one of us to check availability for you, and then guide you to the wellness area.

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