We are a family, and as such we consist of valuable members, dedicated to transform your stay into a unique experience.
  • Papa Marinos
  • Mama Mary
  • Terezdina
  • Christos One of a kind Greeter
  • Rita Housekeeping Lady
  • Dimitris Pool maintainer
  • Konstantinos Bar & Cocktail Consultant
  • Mortis Real Boss #1
  • Tulla Real Boss #2

Pino di Loto was born to create your (and our) private shelter. A place to escape the everyday routine, discreetly isolated, for travelers who wish to enjoy the true experience of authentic hospitality, on a special Greek island.

Our Boutique Bed & Breakfast is located on the small hill of Lotos, just 300 metres away from the 2 picturesque beaches of Kini village. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to walk down to the beach and the traditional restaurants or taverns, where you can taste the local cuisine. In the meantime, the impressive Hermoupolis town is only a 15-minute drive, away.

Our 6 suites follow the Cycladic architecture, while the minimal lines and earthy colors are harmoniously blended with our family antiques: the main feature of the decoration that Mary Rigouzzo minded herself. Together with the dazzling views of the Aegean Sea and our supreme sunset, we invite you to our state of mind, to be a PinodiLoter! #BeAPinodiLoter

Pino di Loto means the pine tree of Lotos, the headline of our story, starting almost a century ago.


Marinos’ and Mary ‘s dream was after their retirement, to create a small guesthouse to the place where their common life’s memories were first born; to the place where their daughter, Terezdina, took her first steps.

With the help of the architect George Evripiotis, this dream came to life by building step by step Pino di Loto Boutique Bed & Breakfast.

It took around 7 years from the first “family meetings” until the day when the first guests, checked-in.

Pino di Loto is an expression of our values! We are happy to serve you with our biggest smile and try to transform your staying into an experience to remember.
People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

We love seeing you smiling, relaxing, feeling “the warmth of the shadow” in every detail of your stay with us.

We will be around. Every day. Every moment during your “journey” to the magic of Pino di Loto.

So, are you ready to #BeAPinodiLoter..?


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