We offer a variety of quality products, handpicked with love and care, to amplify your tasting experience.


We have a procedure, when it comes to eating. In order for you to examine available choices at best, we offer you all of our products, during your first breakfast time, to taste and choose. After that you can decide each day’s desired menu for the rest of your staying.

Breakfast is available from 09:00 to 12:00 to ensure that your night sleep is stress-free. Please don’t hesitate if you want your breakfast delivered in your suite, to make the joy private. After all, the choice is yours!



the journey of taste


Espresso, Cappuccino, filter, Greek, Latte, Nes… just ask for your favorite.


Selection of teas, Syros Organic Beverages, Beverages with Saffron, Chocolate

Juices, Smoothies & Shakes

Freshly squeezed orange juice or a smoothie of your choice


Multi grain and/or Gluten free


Boiled, Scrambled or fried. Served with cherry tomatoes, greek olive oil and oregano

Basket dough

A basket with small croissants, cheese and spinach pies


Arom local marmelades, local honey, butter, greek yoghurt

Cycladic plateau

A plateau with a selection of cycladic cheeses and Louza

Seasonal Fruits

Melon, strawberries, grapes, banana, apples, etc


We can always make you a toast with your ingredients of choice

Today’s special

Depending on what each day gives us, each day we prepare something different, to entice your palette.
Please don’t hesitate to ask us for today’s specials.



Besides the classic choices of spirits and cocktails, we offer a unique cocktail menu, specially created for Pino di Loto, by Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos.

signature cocktails

Cobbler Di Pino

For the wine lovers, a balanced sweet cocktail


Fizzy Refreshing tequila cocktail

Herb’s Jar

A mix of local herbs, combined with Gin and lime, giving a sweet and sour sense.

Pink Loukoumi

Sweet, Mediteranian, full taste with Mastic Greek Liquer

Fleet-Admiral’s Julep

For the Rum lovers, a sweet and minty cocktail.

Pirates Cove

For the Rum lovers (vol2) : A balanced sweet and sour flavor with a touch of cinnamon

Red Lady

Sweet, strong with Vodka’s & lavender’s touch till the last drop.

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