Pino di Loto is not a hotel! We are a small boutique & privé B&B. You can choose between 4 Suites, only, (45-50sq.m each) where the luxury of tranquility, relaxation and privacy are generously offered.

Indoor and outdoor spaces were maintained, with great aesthetics, by the owner, You can feel her personality in the aura and positive energy of each suite .. The dominant characteristic of the decoration are the family antique framed mirrors, that will make you “travel” to the old Syros.

Even if there are many common details in the suites, each one has a different elegant style.

All the four bathrooms are simple and minimal. Built in the traditional style of “patitis stucco” with marble floors and built showers. Korres Natural products are offered for your everyday grooming.

Inside the colors are soft and relaxing while outdoors, white and light gray touches are harmoniously combined in with the Cycladic landscape.

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